Drinks, Dancing and Good Friends!

A 2 hour evening of socializing and dancing!

A note from your teacher:

Belly Dance Classes are a great way to laugh, and play with movement instead of just sitting, eating or gossiping.  Have you ever found yourself comparing hard luck stories or negative gossip?  Now you can build friendships based on confidence and a positive self image!

With a laugh-a-minute bellydance class you don't just learn body isolation and fluid exotic moves but you also learn body language, performance skills and most importantly how to put on an amazing show with the unique body movement and proportions YOU were born with.

​BYOB Belly Dance Class!


Enjoy your cocktails and snacks while learning Beginner Egyptian cabaret belly dance at the location of your choice. 

Your $15 per person cost covers the

teacher's supplies. 

a little history,


stage presence,

basic belly dance,

recital when ready