What was the most fun party or event you ever attended?


What made it fun?

A great party... hmmm Where do I begin?...

1. FOOD - Is it good, simple and easy to replenish? Plates, napkins, utensils cake knife and candles if needed. 

2. PICKUP/DELIVERY - Who will prepare, serve or pick up the food? Get a helpee helper type person to be in charge of it for you.

3. INVITATIONS - Were they sent 2 weeks ahead of the event?  Did you call, email, text or send another reminder the day or two before?

4. MUSIC - Is there a power source, cords, mic, speakers and music mix that entertains everyone?

5. CURB SIGNS - Is the event easy to find and park near? Is the entrance welcoming and easy to enter?

6. GIFTS - If gifts are brought how are you receiving and showing your appreciation?

7. HOST - Is there someone hosting your guests so they are invited to eat, join in the events, and get directions if lost?

8. GUEST CARE - Are you looking out for wallflowers and cliques? Do you have trophies and games?  Even adults like a little competition for their imagination or stamina!  Don't underestimate the power of a trophy!

9. PICTURES - Who's taking pictures?  Did you get copies? This is a great job for a shy person who wants to join in.

10. PAYMENT - Are the checks for hired help or reimbursement for friendly assistance already written and in identified envelopes so they can be distributed easily and promptly?

EXTRA CREDIT! - Walk from the parking area through your party to see that your message is being sent.

Your Check List

What makes your party  a success?

1. How many people do you expect? adults and kids can become two different parties under one roof.

2. Did you know that 60% of people invited usually attend? be happy with your turn out  big or small

3. A few really good food items are better than a huge display. more work doesn't mean a better party

4. Did you consider music and it's sound quality? music is a great way to set a mood IF volume and playlist is good

5. Do you need to say something?  Maybe you need a mic. or a taller place to stand so you can be seen and heard

6. Is anyone afraid of clowns? There are many clown costume alternatives with the same fun outcome.

7. People love to feel needed, don't be afraid to ask for help.  shy people feel better when they have a task to focus on...provide some!  Be appreciative

8. Did you do 2 points of contact for the best result?  Most people need a two week invite to save the date and then a reminder the day before to bring it back to mind.

9. Sometimes a great plan doesn't work in real time. Have more activities for young and old than you could possibly do so that duds can just get blown off to make room for the next cool idea.

10. Pictures and videos are so fun to share and record a memorable event... so make photo ops!  Photo cutouts to put faces through, physical movement games, contests with trophies.

11. Do your friends already have plans for your party next year!?  Make your party an annual event that people look forward to.  Consider: Themes, costumes, contests with prizes, a trophy to take home, funny extreme games.