Let us make your party part of our history!

2003 - 2015 Speaker/Presenter/MC

Speaking and training on hypnosis and NLP instruction, fund raising and charity events, political party master of ceremonies and corporate events as a presenter, entertainer and hostess for their event.

Supercute will always manage any scene with a happy heart. Feel free to ask for help with your fund raisers and good will efforts.

A Little History!


There are shows for kids, adults, parades, theme parties and fairs.  The character that best suits your needs is what you can expect!


Your best impression is our first priority.  All shows will entertain with a big laugh, an esteem building activity and close attention to making YOUR good idea a success.


2005-2008 Virginia Ren Faire

  – One woman comedy show "Madam Zuza" on Rose Stage over 150 performances.


2009-2011 Carolina Ren Faire – Strolling character  doing comedy vignettes as pirate, lady, gypsy and peasant.  Also Master of Ceremonies for costume contests. 


2014-2015 Clown Alley Member  - Clowning in parades for the city of Fort Myers as well as SECA convention parades.  Nursing home visits and assistant teaching for Toby's Clown School.

Back ground check on file through Toby's Clown School.

2001-2010 Belly Dance

*Belly Dance Instructor for Parks and Rec 

*Professional Headliner for dinner entertainment in several restaurants, weddings, galas and museums